Containment Level 3

Core Director: Dr. Marcel Behr

The RI-MUHC has a CL3 (also known as Containment Level 3) Core Facility for TB research that meets the highest safety standards defined by Canadian guidelines (PHAC and CFIA).  Work carried out in this facility includes all experimental procedures involving the manipulation of live Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  The facility is available to RI-MUHC researchers, affiliated collaborators and external researchers working on tuberculosis.  All work to be carried out in the CL3 lab must follow the established SOPs, as defined in the facility's SOP manual.

The RI-MUHC CL3 Core Facility is comprised of a laboratory for bacterial manipulation and an animal holding room. Because work done in the RI-MUHC CL3 lab must follow strict adherence to procedure, once a set of investigations is approved, the facility manager will oversee training, provide guidance to researchers, and monitor experiments.

Services offered:

  • access to a  laboratory for manipulation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria and an adjoining laboratory for experiments
  • training, guidance and monitoring of experiments for approved investigators

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