Management Committee
The RESP Program is managed by a Program Management Committee made up of the program leadership, representatives from the Centre for Translational Biology (CTB), the Centre for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE) and the Centre for Innovative Medicine (CIM), external members and trainees. The committee is responsible for establishing the RESP Program’s overall goals, recruitment objectives, and training activities.

Dr. Basil Petrof
Program Leader

Dr. Maziar Divangahi
Associate Program Leader

Dr. Ronald Olivenstein
Associate Program Leader

Dr. Sabah Hussain
CTB Representative

Dr. Bruce Mazer
CTB Representative

Dr. Kevin Schwartzman
CORE Representative

Dr. Richard Menzies
CORE Representative

Dr. Jean Bourbeau
CIM Representative

Dr. Larry Lands
CTB Representative

Ms. Necola Guerrina
Trainee Representative

Dr. Wissam Shalish
Trainee Representative

To be announced
External Member

Dr. Inga Murawski
Program Manager

Mrs. Linda Karpowicz
Program Assistant