What we can do for you

Magnetic resonance imaging

Bruker 7T MRI
  • High resolution structural, functional and molecular in vivo and ex vivo MR imaging
  • Spectroscopy MRS

Nuclear medicine imaging

Mediso nanoScan PET/CT
Mediso nanoScan SPECT/CT
  • Functional and molecular imaging using radiotracers

Optical imaging

Bruker In-Vivo Extreme
  • High-sensitivity optical molecular imaging (bioluminescence and fluorescence)
  • Co-registration with digital X-rays
  • In vivo anatomical localization of molecular and cellular biomarkers


Biospace Lab BetaIMAGER
  • High resolution, quantitative autoradiography
GE Typhoon FLA 9500
  • Phosphor screen laser scanning
Leica CM1950 Cryostat
  • High quality frozen sections
Other services:  
  • Radiochemistry
  • Surgical suite
  • Project design
  • Extended assistance
  • Dedicated housing
  • Consultation
  • Training

Access to the facility is managed via the web-based iLab Solution's Core Facility Management software. Investigators must sign up for an iLab account in order to request core services, schedule equipment, or training.

All studies using the MRI or SPECT/CT/PET scanner will be performed by SAIL technicians, unless special arrangements have been made with the SAIL Director.  Scheduling of MRI and SPECT/CT/PET studies will be performed by the SAIL Platform Manager.

Click here for in vivo animal imaging studies guidelines.

Click here for ex vivo tissue studies guidelines.

The costs of imaging experiments will vary according to the specific study requirements. Click here for the Platform pricing list.

For any additional information, you may contact SAIL Manager:

Mathieu Simard
Tel: 514-934-1934 ext. 76266 
Email: sail.rimuhc@mcgill.ca