null Charles Sounan, PhD

Scientist, RI-MUHC , Montreal General Hospital

Centre for Outcomes Research and Evaluation

Assistant Professor, Ingram School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, McGill University



Health outcomes • health promotion • evaluative research • wellness • quality of worklife

Research Focus

My research focuses on optimizing the quality of work environments, work adjustment, work-related behaviours, and global as well as individual health and wellness. I investigate the influence of these aforementioned factors on absenteeism, employee engagement and retention, and the overall performance of healthcare institutions. I also represent the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) as an expert for the WHO Health Promoting Hospitals Network.

Selected Publications

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  • Lavoie-Tremblay M, Sounan C., Trudel J, Lavigne, G. Martin K., Lowensteyn I. (2014). Impact of a pedometer program in nurses working in a Health Promoting Hospital, Health Care Manager Journal 33(2):172-80.*CBC NEWS, May 7th 2014. Impact of a pedometer-based physical activity challenge on nurses.

  • Sounan C, Lavoie-Tremblay M, Lavigne G., Martin K.,Cyr G. (2014) Hospital employees’ experience with a Pedometer challenge in a health promoting hospital. Clinical Health Promotion 4(1), 23–29.

  • Lavoie-Tremblay M, Sounan C., Martin K., Trudel J., Lavigne G., Grover S., Lowensteyn I. (2014). Determinants and benefits of physical activity maintenance in hospital employees. Health Care Manager Journal 33(1), 82-90.

  • Sounan, C., Lavoie-Tremblay, M., Martin, K., Trudel, J., Lavigne, G., Lowensteyn, I., Grover, S. A. (2013). Impact of a pedometer-based physical activity challenge on behavioral, biomedical, anthropometric and psychological outcomes in hospital employees: An interventional study. Clinical Health Promotion Journal; 3: 5-11.

  • Sounan, C., Lavigne, G., Lavoie-Tremblay, M., Harripaul, A., Mitchell, J.I., & MacDonald, B.(2012). Using the Accreditation Canada Quality Worklife revalidated Model to predict healthy work environments. Clinical Health Promotion Journal, 2(2), 51-58.