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angle-left Janet Henderson, PhD

Senior Scientist, RI-MUHC , Montreal General Hospital

Injury Repair Recovery Program

Professor, Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University



skeleton • stem cell • regeneration • imaging • histology

Research Focus

My research focuses on the development and use of clinically relevant animal models to study novel approaches to bone and cartilage tissue engineering using bone marrow derived stem cells, biomolecules and biomaterials. Tissue repair in response to novel interventions is evaluated using high resolution imaging, histology and molecular analyses. The work is performed in partnership with orthopaedic surgeon scientists.

Selected Publications

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  • D.A. Behrends, L. Cheng, M.B. Sullivan, M.H. Wang, G.B. Roby, N. Zayed, C. Gao, J.E. Henderson and P.A. Martineau 2014 Defective bone repair in mast cell deficient mice with c-Kit loss of function.  E. Cells & Materials v28, p209-222 PMID: 25284141.

  • C. Gao, E.J. Harvey, M. Chua, B.P. Chen, F. Jiang, Y. Liu, A. Li, H. Wang and J.E. Henderson 2013 MSC-seeded dense collagen scaffolds with bolus dose of VEGF promote healing of large bone defect Euro Cells & Materials v26, p195-207 PMID: 24122654.

  • G. Duque, W. Li, C. Vidal, S Bermeo, D. Rivas and JE Henderson 2013 Pharmacological inhibition of PPAR increases osteoblastogenesis & bone mass in C57Bl6/j mice. J Bone Miner Res v28, p639-648 PMID: 23044841.

  • A. Carli, C. Gao, M. Khayyat-Kholghi, A. Li. H. Wang, C. Ladel, E.J. Harvey and J.E. Henderson 2012 FGF18 augments osseointegration of intra-medullary implants in osteopenic FGFR3-/- mice E. Cells&Materials v24 p107-117 PMID: 22828989.

  • C. Gao, J. Seuntjens, G. Kaufman, N. Tran-Khanh, A. Butler, A. Li, H. Wang, M.D. Buschmann, E.J. Harvey and J.E. Henderson 2012 Mesenchymal stem cell transplantation promotes fixation of orthopaedic implants J Orthop Res v30, p1183-1189.