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We celebrate our diversity and we are proud to be an inclusive workplace.

With over 1,100 technical and administrative staff members, over 440 researchers and approximately 1,200 graduate and post-doctoral students and fellows, the RI-MUHC comprises a total of more than 2,750 members. Being an international research powerhouse with a worldwide reputation in the field of biomedical sciences and health care, the RI-MUHC is the ideal environment to enable students to acquire high-level specialized skills.

Here is more about some of the people who work and train here.


Annie Boisvert
Laboratory Technician, Montreal General Hospital 
''I'm proud to work at the RI-MUHC, as our discoveries, no matter how small, lead to a better understanding of human health and to advances in the field. Since 2008, I have had the chance to work alongside eminent researchers who have generously shared their knowledge. I often cross the paths of young students and trainees who come from around the world. They are tireless and passionate! Overall, the RI-MUHC is an extremely stimulating workplace.''


Chantal Dessureault
Nurse, Research Coordinator, Montreal Children's Hospital 

''I have been working for nearly three years at the RI-MUHC with children who have genetic diseases. I wanted to deepen my research knowledge and work with young patients. It's encouraging to see that research can improve the quality of life for these children and give their families new hope. This environment has given me a lot both personally and professionally. I'm very happy to be part of the RI-MUHC team!'' 

  Zehra Khoja
Research Assistant, Montreal Children's Hospital

‘'I discovered the field of Neuroscience when I was a psychology student at Concordia University. The first time I looked at a section of a brain under the microscope and saw the intricate organization of the different structures I was mesmerized. I thought, ‘This is it! I have to study the brain'. I started working at the RI-MUHC in 2007. I am constantly inspired by the aptitude of the international and local trainees with whom I work, as well as the dedication of the staff and volunteers who continually innovate new ways to improve the lives of our young patients and their families."



Daniel Leclerc
Research Associate, Medical Genetics Laboratory, Montreal Children's Hospital
''I came to the RI-MUHC 22 years ago. What made me decide to work here was not only the enthusiasm and motivation of the researchers, but also—and especially—how easy it is to collaborate and discuss ideas with other people. This is key in the field of medical research! After all these years, I still like taking on challenges and finding solutions to problems that others have faced in the past.''