null What services do we offer

  • Development and maturation of national and international collaborations between RI-MUHC researchers and partners from the public and private sectors
  • Advice, mentoring, and networking  to successfully bridge the gap, also known as the "Valley of Death", between early stage research and clinical testing
  • Guidance before, during and after issuance of intellectual property (IP); the filing and prosecution of the IP generated by the RI-MUHC investigators is performed by McGill University's Office of Sponsored Research (OSR)
  • Use of inventions and innovation as business tools to add value to the research programs of the RI MUHC (e.g. by exploring various partnership opportunities)
  • Due diligence, competitive and early market analysis, product positioning, and where warranted, commercial strategy development and networking for sources of funding
  • Creation of contractual agreements to leverage industry know-how, funding support and partnerships