The Contracts Office reviews the study budget in order to ensure that institutional overhead and study review fees are included where applicable.
The RI-MUHC is bound by the Ministry of Health and Social Services guidelines to charge 30% institutional overhead on all industry-funded studies. The overhead applies to the entire budget, except for the RI's study review fee, start-up fees and pharmacy fees. Therefore, it is imperative that an investigator projects an additional 30% on all costs during budgetary negotiations with a sponsor, in order to ensure that he/she receives full reimbursement for the costs of conducting the study.
Government-funded studies (federal or provincial) and foundation-funded studies may or may not be subject to overhead costs, depending on the guidelines of the respective agency or foundation.  The RI-MUHC adheres to these guidelines and will only retain the maximum allowable for each agency or foundation.

For more information on institutional overhead, please contact one of the Contracts Officers.
Study Review Fee
A study review fee is applied to all industry-funded studies. This is a one-time fee and covers the administrative costs associated with the ethics, science, legal, and administrative review of a study and contract.
The RI-MUHC conducted a cost-analysis of its various review processes and subsequently set the RI study review fee costs at a range between $3,500 (for investigator-initiated studies) and $10,000. The RI study review fee is waived for material transfer agreements, data transfer agreements and inter-institutional agreements.
For more information on the RI study review fee, please contact one of the Contracts Officers.