null Lipid Identification Software: LipidView

We measure lipid signals with an automated mass spectrometry method called “MSMSAll.”1

We then mine the data using a program called Lipidview, which can detect, measure and quantify many lipid classes and many thousands of lipid species.

This quantitative profiling method is cheap ($50), quick (30 min) and best suited for large scale comparisons of major lipid classes and species such as PC,PA, PS, PI, PG, PS, FFA, ceramides, MAG, TAG, DAG, etc.

If you want a targeted lipid assay for a specific class or species (e.g.,: Cer(d18:1/26:0), GM3 (NeuAcα2-3Galβ1-4Glcβ-Cer, etc.), please consult our small molecule analysis service.

1Simons et al, Metabolites 2012, 2, 95-21

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