The role of the Contracts Office is to receive, review, negotiate and execute all contracts (or agreements) related to a research study conducted at the RI-MUHC (clinical and non-clinical) and to act as a liaison between the investigator, institution and the sponsor. The types of contracts reviewed include clinical trial and clinical study agreements for industry-funded research, as well as inter-institutional agreements for agency- and foundation-funded research involving collaborations with other health centres and university hospitals. The Contracts Office also reviews confidentiality agreements and agreements for non-funded research collaborations, such as data and material transfers.
In order to ensure that the rights and interests of the institution, the investigator, and the research team are protected, the contracts are reviewed for compliance with RI-MUHC policies and procedures, as well as standard legal clauses pertaining to indemnification, insurance, reimbursement for subject injury, publication rights, governing law and jurisdiction, and proprietary information. The Contracts Office works in collaboration with the MUHC Legal Office, which is responsible for the resolution of disputes concerning legal language.
The Contracts Office also reviews the study budget, which is an integral part of the contractual agreement, for compliance with ministry guidelines and RI-MUHC policies and procedures regarding institutional overhead and study review fees.