Trainee achievements

The RI-MUHC is proud to showcase some of its trainees' many achievements. Congratulations to all!

Di Xue

A senior doctoral student from China, Di Xue brings tremendous energy, creativity and humour to her work and is a dynamic presence in the lab. At the RI-MUHC since 2011, she has been working on a novel molecule, Semaphorin 4C, which...

Anouar Hafiane

Anouar Hafiane is a true “super student” according to his supervisor, Dr. Jacques Genest. With an FRQS studentship to pursue his degree in lipoprotein biochemistry, Anouar is investigating the effect of two novel peptides in modulating...

James Renaud

James Renaud is the 2016 McGill Dobson Cup first-place award winner in the Health Sciences Track. This start-up competition gives aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to a panel of world-class professionals.

Guillaume Mullie

Guillaume Mullie is completing his second year of medical school at McGill University. His project, evaluating the cost-effectiveness of screening North American health care workers for tuberculosis, began under the 2015 McGill summer research bursary program...

Karina Gasbarrino

“Karina Gasbarrino is a genuine superstar,” says her supervisor, Dr. Stella Daskalopoulou. With a CIHR studentship to pursue her degree in Experimental Medicine, Karina is investigating the role of adiponectin...

Rebecca Burne

Rebecca Burne will be travelling to Dublin, Ireland, for the most important Pharmacoepi conference in the world: the 32nd annual International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology & Therapeutic Risk Management (ICPE) 2016.

Laura Labonté

Congratulations to Laura Labonté, the April 2016 winner of the FRQS Étudiante-chercheuse étoile award in the Fonds santé category.

Samaneh Farsijani

Congratulations to Samaneh Farsijani, one of the few winners of the Emerging Leaders in Nutrition Science poster competition at the Experimental Biology 2016 conference in San Diego. She won the best abstract programmed in...

Marzieh Ghiasi

Marzieh Ghiasi's research on TB infection and control in healthcare trainees took her to South India, where she conducted her field work for a master’s degree in epidemiology supervised by Dr. Madhukar Pai.

Natalia Jaworska, PhD

Since arriving here last spring, Dr. Natalia Jaworska has been “a tornado,” as her supervisor, Dr. Marco Leyton, reports. “She has been wiping clean various inefficient procedures, energizing everyone...

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