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What we can do for you

Drug Discovery Boxes

Chemistry laboratory

Structure-based drug design and synthesis

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

Characterization of natural products, metabolomics and analysis of biopsies

Mass spectrometry

Characterization of drug metabolites and pharmacokinetics High-resolution tissue imaging on the basis of molecular weight

Other analysis capabilities

Analysis of X-ray crystal structures Elemental analysis of drug substances Measurement of optical rotation Spectrometry
Other services:  
  • Experimental design and consultation
  • Extended assistance
  • Training
  • Demonstration on instrumentation

Drug Discovery Services

Access to the Drug Discovery Platform is managed via the web-based iLab Solution's Core Facility Management software. Investigators must sign up for an iLab account in order to request core services or to schedule equipment or training.

Click here to access our iLab website.

The cost of services and equipment usage will vary according to specific study requirements. Click here for the Platform pricing list.


Contact platform staff  

For additional information, you may contact the Drug Discovery Platform Manager:

Sanjoy Kumar Das
Tel: 514-934-1934 ext. 76350 
Email: drugdiscovery.rimuhc@mcgill.ca