null AC5000M Medical Treadmill

AC5000M Medical Treadmill

In addition to its low starting speed of .1 mph, the AC5000M increases your options with reverse motion up to 4 mph/6kph and a -3% decline for downhill training.

  • Extended handrails
  • 550 lb/250kg user weight capacity
  • Maintenance free, self-lubricating eucalyptus deck
  • Side handrail switches for speed and elevation
  • Speed range: .1 to 12 mph/.5 kph to 19 kph, reverse to 4 mph/6 kph
  • Elevation: -3% to 12%
  • Generous walking surface -22” x 62”/56 cm x 157 cm
  • Hospital grade: complies with leakage current protection standards

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