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Creating new research opportunities through advances in cell sorting and analytical flow cytometry

The Immunophenotyping Platform offers a variety of flow cytometry services. The services provided by the platform include cell sorting, cell analysis, data analysis, automated cell separation and imaging flow cytometry as well as consultation, user education and training. The platform provides access to the newest technologies and applications in the field. The facility is uniquely equipped with two 5-laser cell sorters that are self-enclosed in biosafety cabinets, two 5-laser analyzers and an ImageStream with 12 high-resolution imaging channels, among other instruments, some of which are housed within the containment level 3 area.

Platform News and Events

News and Events

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Seminar: Controls for Flow Cytometry Experiments (May 25, 2017)

This presentation entitled: “Controls for Flow Cytometry Experiments” is organized by the Immunophenotyping Platform...

Seminar: Analysis of flow cytometry and imaging flow cytometry with FCS Express (May 12, 2017)

This presentation entitled: “The FCS Express Difference, moving beyond FlowJo” is organized by the Immunophenotyping...

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Dr. Ciriaco Piccirillo


Marie-Hélène Lacombe, M.Sc.

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