Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in the BRaIN Program

The BRaIN Program is committed to supporting and strengthening EDI within the research environment. The BRaIN Program has a fundamental and unwavering commitment to fostering a diverse community of researchers and scientists, where racism and discrimination in any form is not accepted or tolerated.

EDI Committee, BRaIN Program

The Brain Repair and Integrative Neuroscience (BRaIN) Program’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) committee is a participatory body focusing on understanding issues and implementing initiatives surrounding EDI in the BRaIN program of the RI-MUHC.

Our group members are of BRaIN researchers, trainees, and staff. We aim to build a neuroscience research environment that is representative of the society in which we live. Our goal is to actively promote inclusivity at every level, and to create an environment where every member of the BRaIN program feels heard, valued, and has the opportunity to thrive. The cornerstones of the Committee’s work include open dialogue, active listening and reflection, as well as building initiatives that create a concrete and lasting impact on the BRaIN community.

To achieve our goals, we aim to create research opportunities for historically marginalized groups in neuroscience as well as host workshops on various EDI topics. The BRaIN Program’s EDI Committee works in direct communication and alignment with the RI-MUHC’s EDI initiatives and team. Learn more about EDI at the RI-MUHC.

EDI Committee Members, BRaIN Program

Last updated January 2024

Lauren Cinq-Mars, M.Sc. candidate
Christina Chou, PhD Candidate
Megan Cott, M.Sc. Candidate
Laura Curran, B.Sc., Laboratory Supervisor
Annabel Wing-Yan Fan, PhD Candidate
Yvonne Gardner, BRaIN Program Assistant
Connie Guo, M.Sc. Candidate
Wei-Hsiang Huang, PhD, Scientist
Alexandra Kindrat, PhD, BRaIN Program Manager (Interim Chair of the BRaIN EDI Committee)
Claire Marquilly, PhD, Research Associate
Janine Mendola, PhD, Scientist
Dionysia Moschou, PhD Candidate
Keith Murai, PhD, Scientist
Julie O’Reilly, PhD Candidate
Jesper Sjöström, PhD, Scientist
Ourania Tsatas, B.Sc., BRaIN Project Coordinator
Airi Watanabe, PhD Candidate
Raffles Xingqi Zhu, PhD Candidate

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