What's New at the RI-MUHC ?

Triple-negative breast cancer: new hope for an existing drug

RI-MUHC team takes another step toward precision medicine by targeting a biomarker of CDK4/6 inhibitor efficacy in breast cancer, including triple-negative...

Prescribing personalized lifestyle interventions to improve prostate cancer treatments

David Labbé of the RI-MUHC co-leads a new project recently funded by the Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres...

$2 million dollars awarded to RI-MUHC team studying lung health

Dr. Benjamin Smith receives CIHR funding to lead research on inflammation and lung health in diverse populations

McGill, industry, CQDM and Brain Canada collaborate for drug discovery

Novel drug could provide hope to those suffering from neuropathic pain and insomnia

Increasing clinical trial expertise at the RI-MUHC

The RI-MUHC ACT-CTU reports on the realization of its vision for 2024 to build a clinical trials community and strengthen trial capabilities at the RI-MUHC

RI-MUHC study uses AI to understand liver cancer

A new publication describes the use of ALiX, a unique AI model, to analyze data from liquid biopsy

Developing technology for fight against antimicrobial resistance

New treatment under development by researchers Karine Auclair and Andréanne Lupien could potentially treat intracellular infections without...

A clinical trial shows benefits of finding and treating undiagnosed asthma and COPD

This innovative Canadian study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, marks a world first

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