Users of the Containment Level 3 (CL3) tuberculosis (TB) pod conduct studies on the mechanisms by which Mycobacterium tuberculosis causes disease. These studies involve the direct manipulation of the causative agent, as well as infected mice, and so pose a potential risk to both laboratory personnel and to the immediate environment. Accordingly, the CL3 facility was designed and constructed to provide a safe environment for the handling of pathogenic organisms classified as requiring this level of containment.

The tuberculosis research pod consists of two highly controlled laboratories where the bacteria are manipulated for various experimental approaches (immunology and bacteriology) and an animal holding room. Once a set of investigations is approved, the platform manager will oversee training, provide guidance to researchers, and monitor experiments.

2 Microbiology laboratories

Total surface area of tuberculosis pod is 2,336 m² (1,942 m² inside confinement barrier and 394 m² outside barrier)

Animal housing room



Consultation and training

  • Safe handling and management of tuberculosis samples
  • Training for use of and access to CL3 TB facility
  • Design of microbiology, immunology, cell culture, small animal experiments, live cell sorting and inhalation exposure studies.


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Access to the tuberculosis pod is managed via the web-based iLab Solution’s Core Facility Management software. Investigators must sign up for an iLab account in order to request Platform services, schedule equipment, or training.

Equipment in TB pod

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