Analytic tools

Workshops and training

Lab and clinical data management

Translation of genomic tools

Providing analytic tools and support in computational genomics

  • Bioinformatics analysis for next-generation sequencing
    • DNA-seq
      • Whole Genome
      • Whole Exome
      • Targeted sequencing
    • RNA-seq
  • Detection of genomic structural variants (SVs)
  • Custom annotation of variants
  • Assistance and support in experimental design

Implementing training activities and material in bioinformatics

  • Training and workshops
    • Linux command line
    • High-performance computer job management
      • Torque
      • SLURM
    • Programming workshops
      • R
      • Python

Supporting management and integration of laboratory and clinical data

  • Data management with LabKey
    • Web-based, user-friendly software
    • Patient-oriented datasets
    • Control, secure and share access to data
    • Filter, export and create reports from datasets

Accelerating the translation of computational genomic tools to healthcare uses

  • Collect and analyze phenotypic information with PhenoTips
  • Automation of clinical reports with LabKey
  • Analysis and annotation of genomic data for molecular diagnostic purposes

Use the Bioinformatics Platform

To request services please contact the platform.