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Child Health and Human Development Program


Child Health and Human Development Program

Program Overview

The Child Health and Human Development Program (CHHD)  was created after collective reflection in several key areas. Since early life events and factors have the potential to dictate lifelong human health, it is essential to increase our understanding of these factors in order to develop novel detection methods and therapies. 

Besides needing to learn more about genetics and developmental processes, we are now starting to see that early environmental factors may modulate epigenetic changes that can affect health changes decades later. Chronic childhood disease also plays a role in cognitive and identity development, underlining the need to amalgamate the strengths of researchers in many disciplines into a single, unified program.

The CHHD Program therefore builds on four main themes that study different aspects of child health and human development.

Program leader:
Daniel Dufort, PhD
Associate leader:
Meranda Nakhla, MD
Naima Abbadi, PhD