Our Vision

  • bridge the gap between biomedical research and clinical medicine
  • speed up innovation and accelerate the translation of basic discoveries to public uses
  • bring together pediatric and adult research programs
  • focus on improving the health of individual patients throughout their life cycle
  • set the stage for the transition to patient-centred medicine

Our Mission

The mission of the RI-MUHC is to generate and leverage discovery and innovation to establish the MUHC as a world-class centre of excellence in patient-centred medicine. Excellence in clinical, evaluative and fundamental research will bring the innovations that will transform health care, providing an integrated view of disease and patient information with related therapies.  

The primary objective of our research is to ensure that the MUHC builds on its strengths as a leader in patient-centred, innovative healthcare research, setting the stage for the transition to patient-centred medicine, an approach which focuses on the successful care and treatment of the individual patient across their life span. Laying the foundation for patient-centred medicine involves the integration of research findings, advanced technologies, and clinical data to transform existing medical practices.  

This interaction will have a major positive impact on disease outcomes and lead to innovations that will form the basis of the next generation of biopharmaceutical applications, benefiting Canadians and people around the world.