null Amir Hooshiar, PhD

Junior Scientist, RI-MUHC, Montreal General Hospital site

Surgical and Interventional Sciences Program

Centre for Translational Biology


Research Focus

My research focus is on design, development, and validation of autonomous and soft surgical robots as well as development and validation of artificial intelligence (AI)-based decision support systems for intraoperative guidance and surgical skill assessment.

Selected Publications

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  • Mehrjouyan, Ali, Mohammad B. Menhaj, and Amir Hooshiar. "Safety-enhanced observer-based adaptive fuzzy synchronization control framework for teleoperation systems." European Journal of Control 73 (2023): 100885.

  • Torkaman, Tannaz, et al. "Embedded Six-DoF Force–Torque Sensor for Soft Robots With Learning-Based Calibration." IEEE Sensors Journal 23.4 (2023): 4204-4215.

  • Hooshiar, Amir, et al. "Magnetostriction-based force feedback for robot-assisted cardiovascular surgery using smart magnetorheological elastomers." Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 161 (2021): 107918.

  • Jolaei, Mohammad, et al. "Toward task autonomy in robotic cardiac ablation: Learning-based kinematic control of soft tendon-driven catheters." Soft Robotics 8.3 (2021): 340-351.

  • Hooshiar, Amir, Siamak Najarian, and Javad Dargahi. "Haptic telerobotic cardiovascular intervention: a review of approaches, methods, and future perspectives." IEEE reviews in biomedical engineering 13 (2019): 32-50.