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angle-left Bernard Robaire, PhD

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Child Health and Human Development Program


Professor, Department of Pharmacology And Therapeutics, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University



aging • androgen action • epididymis • epigenetics • male-mediated developmental toxicity

Research Focus

My research focuses on the effects of environmental toxicants on male reproduction, on male-mediated reproductive toxicology, on the structure, function and regulation of the epididymis, on androgen action, and on the aging of the male reproductive system.

Selected Publications

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  • Paul C, Robaire B. (2013) Ageing of the male germ line. Nat Rev Urol. 10:227-234.This article is featured in Nature's web collection on "Fertility and Reproduction" PMID: 23443014.

  • Maselli J, Hales BF, Chan P, Robaire B. (2014) Paternal Exposure to Testis Cancer Chemotherapeutics Alters Sperm Fertilizing Capacity and Affects Gene Expression in the Eight-Cell Stage Rat Embryo Andrology. 2:259. Selected as "Paper of the Year" for Andrology 2014 PMID: 24478030.

  • Liu M, Hales BF, Robaire B. (2014) Effects of four chemotherapeutic agents, bleomycin, etoposide, cisplatin and cyclophosphamide, on DNA damage and telomeres in a mouse spermatogonial cell line. Biol Reprod. 90:72. PMID: 24571982.

  • Kichine E, Di Falco M, Hales BF, Robaire B, Chan P. (2013) Analysis of the Sperm Head Protein Profiles in Fertile Men: Consistency across Time in the Levels of Expression of Heat Shock Proteins and Peroxiredoxins. PLoS One. 8:e77471. PMID: 24204839.

  • Robaire B, Hinton B. (2014) The Epididymis. In: Knobil and Neill's Physiology of Reproduction. (A. Zeleznik and A. Plant eds.) Ch. 17. Elsevier, New York, pp. 691-771.