null Brian Ward, MD, DTM&H, MDCM

Senior Scientist, RI-MUHC, Glen site

Infectious Diseases and Immunity in Global Health Program

Centre for Translational Biology

Professor, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, McGill University



Vaccines • respiratory viruses • international health • parasitology • diagnostics

Research Focus

My research focuses on: the development and evaluation of novel virus-like particle vaccines (eg: influenza, measles) in both young and elderly subjects, international health issues with a particular focus on factors that influence HIV transmission, virus-nutritional interactions, and the development of new diagnostic tests for parasitic diseases. My laboratory sits at the junction between infectious diseases clinic and the basic science laboratory. Projects can start at either end of this spectrum and move from 'bed to the bench-top' or from 'bench-top to the bed'. Most of the basic work is carried out in Montreal with satellite facilities in Peru and Zimbabwe. Human vaccine studies are conducted at the MUHC Vaccine Study Centre in Pierrefonds, QC.

Selected Publications

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  • Hendin HE, Lavoie P-O, Gravett JM, Saxena P, Pillet S, Landry N, D’Aoust M-A, Ward BJ. Elimination of receptor binding by influenza hemagglutinin improves vaccine-induced immunity. NPJ Vaccines 2022 Apr 11;7(1):42.

  • Hager KJ, Pérez Marc G, Gobeil P, Diaz RS, Heizer G, Llapur C, Makarkov AI, Vasconcellos E, Pillet S, Riera F, Saxena P, Geller Wolff P, Bhutada K, Wallace G, Aazami H, Jones CE, Polack FP, Ferrara L, Atkins J, Boulay I, Dhaliwall J, Charland N, Couture MMJ, Jiang-Wright J, Landry N, Lapointe S, Lorin A, Mahmood A, Moulton LH, Pahmer E, Parent J, Séguin A, Tran L, Breuer T, Ceregido MA, Koutsoukos M, Roman F, Namba J, D'Aoust MA, Trepanier S, Kimura Y, Ward BJ. Efficacy and Safety of a Recombinant Plant-Based Adjuvanted Covid-19 Vaccine. N Engl J Med. 2022 Jun 2;386(22):2084-2096.

  • Gobeil P, Pillet S, Boulay I, Charland N, Lorin A, Cheng MP, Vinh DC, Boutet P, Van Der Most R, Roman F, Ceregido Perez MA, D’Aoust M-A, Landry N, Ward BJ. Durability and Cross-Reactivity of Immune Responses Induced by an AS03 Adjuvanted Plant-Based Recombinant Virus-Like Particle Vaccine for COVID-19. Nature Communications 2022 Nov 12;13(1):6905.

  • Ward BJ, Gobeil P, Séguin A, Atkins J, Boulay I, Charbonneau PY, Couture M, D’Aoust MA, Dhaliwall J, Finkle C, Hager K, Mahmood A, Makarkov A, Cheng M, Pillet S, Schimke P,St-Martin S, Trépanier S, Landry N. Phase 1 trial of a Candidate Recombinant Virus-Like Particle Vaccine Produced in Plants for Covid-19 Disease. Nature Medicine 2021 May 18. doi: 10.1038/s41591-021-01370-1.

  • Ward BJ, Makarkov A, Séguin A, Pillet S, Trépanier S, Dhaliwall J, Libman MD, Vesikari T, Landry N. Efficacy, immunogenicity and safety of a plant-derived, quadrivalent, virus-like particle influenza vaccine in younger (18-64 years of age) and older (≥65 years of age) adults in two multi-centre, randomized phase 3 trials. The Lancet. 2020 Nov 7;396(10261):1491-1503.