null David Labbé, PhD

Junior Scientist, RI-MUHC , Glen site

Cancer Research Program

Centre for Translational Biology

Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University



Prostate cancer • nutrition/diet • epigenetics • animal models • translational research

Research Focus

Systemic metabolic alterations associated with increased consumption of saturated fat and obesity are linked with increased risk of prostate cancer progression and mortality, but the molecular underpinnings of this association are poorly understood. My research program is aimed at understanding the combination of key tumour genetic alterations together with the host characteristics required for diet to alter prostate cancer progression. This will allow the identification of new therapeutic targets and the elaboration of novel therapeutic approaches devised to treat prostate cancer patients at risk of progression to an aggressive, lethal disease. More specifically, my research focuses on the mechanisms and therapeutic targets related to epigenetic alterations and uses murine and human cell lines, animal models (including genetically engineered mouse models) and human tissues.

Selected Publications

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  • Labbé, DP.; Zadra, G.; Yang, M.; Reyes, JM.; Lin, CY.; Cacciatore, S.; Ebot, EM.; Creech, AL.; Giunchi, F.; Fiorentino, M.; Elfandy, H.; Syamala, S.; Karoly, ED.; Alshalalfa, M.; Erho, N.; Ross, A.; Schaeffer, EM.; Gibb, EA.; Takhar, M.; Den, RB.; Lehrer, J.; Karnes, RJ.; Freedland, SJ.; Davicioni, E.; Spratt, DE.; Ellis, L.; Jaffe, JD.; DʼAmico, AV.; Kantoff, PW.; Bradner, JE.; Mucci, LA.; Chavarro, JE.; Loda, M.; Brown, M. High-fat diet fuels prostate cancer progression by rewiring the metabolome and amplifying the MYC program, Nature Communications, 10(1) (2019) 4358. PMID: 31554818.

  • Labbé, DP.; Brown, M. Transcriptional regulation in prostate cancer, Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine, 8(11) (2018) a030437. PMID: 29530947.

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  • Labbé, DP.; Uetani, N.; Vinette, V.; Lessard, L.; Aubry, I.; Migon, E.; Sirois, J.; Haigh, JJ.; Bégin, LR.; Trotman, LC.; Paquet, M.; Tremblay, ML. PTP1B deficiency enables the ability of a high fat diet to drive the invasive character of PTEN-deficient prostate cancers, Cancer Research (Priority Report), 76(11) (2016) 3130-3135. PMID: 27020859.