null Isabel Fortier, PhD

Scientist, RI-MUHC, Montreal General Hospital site

Child Health and Human Development Program

Centre for Outcomes Research and Evaluation

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, McGill University

Department of Medicine, Division of Clinical Epidemiology, MUHC



Epidemiology • methods and software development • data harmonization • research data management • cohorts studies • interdisciplinary studies • child • youth and maternal Health • population health

Research Focus

I lead the Maelstrom Research Platform ( which provides the international research community from diverse disciplines with resources (expertise, methods, and software) to leverage and support data harmonization and integration across studies. The Maelstrom team develops methods and software; conducts methodological research; generates catalogues of study metadata; and creates infrastructures supporting data management, harmonization and co-analysis.

Selected Publications

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  • Wey TW, Doiron D, Wissa R, Fabre G, Motoc I, Noordzij JM, Ruiz M, Timmermans E, van Lenthe FJ, Bobak M, Chaix B, Krokstad S, Raina P, Sund ER, Beenackers MA, Fortier I. Overview of retrospective data harmonisation in the MINDMAP project: process and results. J Epidemiol Community Health. 2020; Nov 12:jech-2020-214259. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 33184054.

  • Fortier I, et al. The Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project’s scientific directors and the Harmonization Standing Committee Harmonization of the Health and Risk Factor Questionnaire data of the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project: a descriptive analysis. CMAJ Open. 2019;7(2):E272–82. PMID: 31018973.

  • Bergeron J, et al. Fostering population-based cohort data discovery: The Maelstrom Research cataloguing toolkit. PLoS ONE 13(7): e020092a6. PMID: 30040866.

  • Doiron D, et al. Software Application Profile: Opal and Mica: open-source software solutions for epidemiological data management, harmonization and dissemination. Int J Epidemiol. 2017; 46(5):1372-1378. PMID: 29025122.

  • Fortier I, et al. Maelstrom Research guidelines for rigorous retrospective data harmonization. Int J Epidemiol 2017; 46 (1): 103-105. PMID: 27272186.