null Jan Seuntjens, PhD

Senior Scientist, RI-MUHC, Glen site

Cancer Research Program

Centre for Translational Biology

Adjunct Professor, Gerald Bronfman Department of Oncology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, McGill University

Department of Oncology, Division of Radiation Oncology, MUHC



radiation physics • medical physics • fundamental radiation sciences • radiation therapy • Monte Carlo techniques

Research Focus

My research focuses on the applications of physics in medicine and biology. I have been primarily involved with techniques to optimize the efficacy of radiation therapy by making the determination and planning of the dose delivered in radiation therapy more accurate. To this end I have developed special Monte Carlo simulation techniques and detection techniques. These Monte Carlo techniques are now routinely used in clinical practice. They play an important role in being able to correlate radiation treatment side effects to detailed radiation dose distributions in the patient. A second area of interest is the development of new radiation therapy treatment techniques. These include Modulated Electron Radiation Therapy (MERT) as well as intraoperative radiation therapy techniques (IORT). At the same time I have also worked on microscopic Monte Carlo computational methods to better understand the mechanistic effect of radiation on cellular response.

Selected Publications

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  • McEwen, L. DeWerd, G. Ibbott, D. Followill, D. W. O. Rogers, S. Seltzer, and J Seuntjens (2014) Addendum to the AAPM's TG-51 Protocol for Clinical Reference Dosimetry of High-Energy Photon Beams, Med Phys 41:041501. PMID: 24694120.

  • El Naqa, I., Pater P., Seuntjens J. (2012) Monte Carlo role in radiobiological modeling of radiotherapy outcomes, Phys. Med. Biol 57(11), 3259-72. PMID: 22571871.

  • Connell T, Alexander A, Papaconstadopoulos P, Serban M, Devic S, Seuntjens J, (2014) Delivery validation of an automated modulated electron radiotherapy plan. Med Phys. 2014 Jun;41(6):061715. doi: 10.1118/1.4876297. PMID: 24877810.

  • Renaud J, Marchington D, Seuntjens JP, Sarfehnia A (2013) Development of a graphite probe calorimeter for absolute clinical dosimetry, Med Phys (Letters) 40(2) 020701-01-06. PMID: 23387722.

  • Pater P, Bernal M. A., Seuntjens J, I. El Naqa (2014) On the Consistency of Monte Carlo Track Structure DNA Damage Simulations, Med Phys 41(12):121708. PMID: 25471955.