null Leica Aperio AT Turbo digital pathology scanner

The Aperio AT Turbo digital whole slide scanning system allows online viewing of your entire tissue section for digital pathology review. Designed with a state-of-the-art autoloader and scalable capacity of up to 400 slides, the AT Turbo delivers superior image quality.
For fluorescence slide scanning please refer to the Small Animal Imaging Platform.
Supplier technical information
Capacity: 400 slides
Automatic (1 x 3”) and manual (2 x 3”)
Speed (15 x 15 mm): 90 seconds at 20x or 270 seconds at 40x
Objective: 20x/0.75 Plan Apo
Magnification: 20x or 40x
Resolution: 20x: 0.05 microns/pixel or 40x: 0.25 microns/pixel


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