null Perimed Periflux System 5000

Perimed Periflux System 5000

The system consists of main units and function units. Several main units, each equipped with four function units, can be connected in order to achieve the desired number of channels. The modular design enables simultaneous monitoring of (laser Doppler) blood flow/perfusion and transcutaneous oxygen (TCOM, tcpO2) and/or carbon dioxide. Function units for heat provocation and pressure control are also available as well as a wide range of laser Doppler probes. Combined with Perimed’s dedicated software, the system offers complete and customized solutions for safe smooth and simple workflows to investigate and assess the microcirculation.

PF 5010 – Laser Doppler Perfusion Monitoring (LDPM) unit
The LDPF 5010 – LDPM unit is used for blood perfusion measurements based on laser Doppler technology. Laser Doppler measures the total, local microvascular flow including capillaries, arterioles, venules and shunts. One laser Doppler probe is used per unit. With the PF 5010 – LDPM unit, dynamic changes in microcirculation can be closely followed. Heart synchronous pulsations and even dicrotic notches can be observed. The system is also useful for studying responses to provocations such as heating, occlusion, drugs, posture, electrical stimulation, and more.

PF 5020 – Temperature unit
The PF 5020 – Temperature unit is used to perform local heat provocation and/or temperature measurements. It has two connectors for either thermostatic laser Doppler probes and/or temperature measurement sensors. Thermostatic laser Doppler probes allow for precise heating of the tissue at the measurement site. This can, for example, be useful to study the tissue reserve capacity.

PF 5040 – tcpO2/tcpCO2 unit
The PF 5040 tcpO2/tcpCO2 unit measures the local tissue oxygenation or local carbon dioxide tension. The oxygen derives only from the local capillary (nutritive) blood perfusion. The carbon dioxide level is affected by both the local metabolic processes and the blood perfusion ability to remove carbon dioxide. One Clarke-type electrode is used per unit.

PF 5050 – Pressure unit
The PF 5050 – Pressure unit is used to control linear or instant cuff pressure deflation. It has been developed to simplify and standardize tests such as peripheral pressure measurements (toe and ankle pressures), skin perfusion pressure (SPP) and post-occlusive reactive hyperemia (PORH). PF 5050 – Pressure unit can also be used to monitor cuff pressure with a precision sufficient for pulse volume recordings (PVR).


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