null Peter Jarzem, MD, BSC

Investigator, RI-MUHC, Montreal General Hospital site

Surgical and Interventional Sciences Program

Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, McGill University

Department of Surgery, Division of Adult Orthopedics, MUHC



Clinical Outcomes • Spinal cord Injury • Orthopedic Device development • Disc Degeneration

Research Focus

My research focuses on examining how patients do after surgery and looking at how we can improve this outcome through improvments in surgical techniques. In addition we are working in the lab on better understanding the mechanism causing Low Back Pain. This research may latter be applicable to patients having low back pain. Finally, we are doing laboratory research on one of the mechanisms of spinal cord injury and how it might be decreased in scoliosis and trauma.

Selected Publications

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  • Waleed Awwad, Mahdi Bassi, Peter Barriga, Ian Shrier .Peter F Jarzem, Mitigating the Spinal Cord Distraction Injury: The In-Vitro effect of durotomy in decreasing Cord Interstitial pressure, European J of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, 2014

  • Alturki A, Basamh M, Awwad W, Jarzem P, Multicorporal Abcess Formation due to Esophageal Perforation Post Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion, International Journal of Neurology and Neurosurgery, 6, 27-34, 2014

  • Ouellet JA, Richards C, Sardar Z, Giannitsios D, Noiseux N, Strydom W, Reindl R, Jarzem P, Arlet V, Steffen T, Finite Element Analysis and Biomechanical Comparison of Short Posterior Spinal Instrumentation with Divergent Bridge Contruct versus Parallel Tension Band Contruct for Thoracolumbar Spine Fractures, Global Spine Journal, 3, 85-93, 2013

  • Sardar Z; Alexander D, Oxner W, DuPlessis S, Yee A, Wai E, Anderson G, Jarzem P, 12 month results of a multicenter, blinded, pilot study of a Novel Peptide (B2A) in promoting lumbar spine fusion, J Neurosurgery (Spine) , In press 2013

  • Akhatib B, Onnerjord P, Gawri R, Ouellet J, Jarzem P, Heinegard D, Mort J, Roughley P, Haglund L,Chondroadherin fragmentation mediated by the protease HTRA1 distinguishes human intervertebral disc degeneration from normal aging, J Biological Chem, in press July 2013