null Sergio Faria, MD, PhD, FRCPC

Associate Investigator, RI-MUHC, Glen site

Cancer Research Program

Associate Professor, Gerald Bronfman Department of Oncology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, McGill University

Department of Medicine, Division of Radiation Oncology, MUHC



prostate cancer • lung cancer • lower gastro-intestinal cancer

Research Focus

My research focuses on clinical treatment of prostate, lung and lower gastro-intestinal cancers.

Selected Publications

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  • M. Lecavalier-Barsoum, Luis Souhami, Fabio Cury, Marie Duclos, Russel Ruo, Sergio Faria. Pelvic lymph node displacement in high-risk prostate cancer patients treated with image-guided IMRT with two independent target volumes. Practical Radiation Oncology 2015; June

  • Sergio Faria, Fabio Cury, Luis Souhami. Prospective phase I study on testicular castration induced by radiation treatment. Canadian Journal Urology 2015; Feb 22(1):7635-9 PMID: 25694011.

  • Cheung P, Faria S, Ahmed S, Chabot P, Greenland J, Kurien E, Mohamed I, Wright JR, Hollenhorst H, de Metz C, Campbell H, Vu TT, Karvat A, Wai ES, Ung YC, Goss G, Shepherd FA, O'Brien P, Ding K, O'Callaghan C. Phase II study of accelerated hypofractionated three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy for stage T1-3 N0 M0 non-small cell lung cancer: NCIC CTG BR.25. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2014 Jul 29;106(8). PMID: 25074417.

  • Faria S, Kopek N, Hijal T, Liberman S, Charlebois P, Stein B, Meterissian S, Meguerditchian A, Fawaz Z, Artho G. Phase II trial of short-course radiotherapy followed by delayed surgery for locoregionally advanced rectal cancer. Colorectal Dis. 2014 Feb;16(2):O66-70 PMID: 24148225.