null Shaifali Sandal, MD

Scientist, RI-MUHC, Glen site

Metabolic Disorders and Complications Program

Centre for Outcomes Research and Evaluation

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, McGill University

Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology, MUHC



transplantation • patient perspective • health services research

Research Focus

I am a CIHR- and FRQS-supported transplant nephrologist with expertise in conducting knowledge synthesis and research involving qualitative and quantitative methods, as well as in leading interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary projects. My research focuses on improving the outcomes and care trajectories of kidney transplant recipients and living kidney donors.

Selected Publications

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  • Perspectives and experiences of kidney transplant recipients with graft failure: A systematic review and meta-synthesis. Loban K, Horton A, Robert JT, Hales L, Parajuli S, McAdams-DeMarco M, Sandal S.Transplant Rev (Orlando). 2023 Apr;37(2):100761.

  • Trends in the survival benefit of repeat kidney transplantation over the past 3 decades. Sandal S, Ahn JB, Chen Y, Massie AB, Clark-Cutaia MN, Wu W, Cantarovich M, Segev DL, McAdams-DeMarco MA.Am J Transplant. 2023 May;23(5):666-672.

  • Identifying Modifiable System-Level Barriers to Living Donor Kidney Transplantation. Sandal S, Schiller I, Dendukuri N, Robert JT, Katergi K, Alam A, Cantarovich M, Fiore JF, Suri RS, Landsberg D, Weber C, Fortin MC.Kidney Int Rep. 2022 Sep 9;7(11):2410-2420.

  • Health system barriers and facilitators to living donor kidney transplantation: a qualitative case study in British Columbia. Horton A, Nugus P, Fortin MC, Landsberg D, Cantarovich M, Sandal S. CMAJ Open. 2022 Apr 19;10(2):E348-E356.

  • The role of renal resistive index as a prognostic tool in kidney transplantation: a systematic review. Azzouz S, Chen A, Ekmekjian T, Cantarovich M, Baran D, Sandal S.Nephrol Dial Transplant. 2022 Jul 26;37(8):1552-1565.