null Svetlana Komarova, PhD

Shriners Investigator, RI-MUHC

Surgical and Interventional Sciences Program

Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, MUHC



bone • biomechanics • osteoclasts • osteoblasts • mathematical modeling

Research Focus

My research focuses on understanding pathophysiology of multifactorial musculoskeletal disorders. Bone has many unique and overreaching functions in the organism, including its role in locomotion, in calcium homeostasis and in housing hematopoietic bone marrow. Specific projects in my laboratory aim to 1) understand how bone cells, in particular bone resorbing osteoclasts, are affected in different disorders in order to identify novel pharmacological targets for diseases associated with bone loss; 2) establish the role of purinergic signaling in bone mechanobiology; 3) develop computational models linking bone mineralization, bone resorption and calcium homeostasis.

Selected Publications

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  • Mikolajewicz N, Sehayek S, Wiseman PW, Komarova SV (2019) Transmission of mechanical information by purinergic signaling. Biophys J. 116(10):2009-2022.

  • Tiedemann K, Sadvakassova G, Mikolajewicz N, Juhas M, Sabirova Z, Tabariès S, Gettemans J, Siegel PM, Komarova SV (2019) Exosomal Release of L-Plastin by Breast Cancer Cells Facilitates Metastatic Bone Osteolysis. Transl Oncol. 12(3):462-474.

  • Mikolajewicz N, Zimmermann EA, Willie BM, Komarova SV (2018) Mechanically stimulated ATP release from murine bone cells is regulated by a balance of injury and repair. Elife, pii: e37812.

  • Boraschi-Diaz I, Tauer JT, El-Rifai O, Guillemette D, Lefebvre G, Rauch F, Ferron M, Komarova SV (2017) Metabolic phenotype in the mouse model of osteogenesis imperfecta. J Endocrinol. 234(3):279-289.

  • Steer K, Stavnichuk M, Morris M, Komarova SV (2017) Bone Health in Patients With Hematopoietic Disorders of Bone Marrow Origin: Systematic Review and Meta- Analysis. J Bone Miner Res.32(4):731-742.