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Lifespan perspective on congenital heart disease research

Dr. Ariane Marelli led a project to operationalize emerging concepts through the presentation of new constructs in congenital heart disease (CHD) research. These concepts include long-term trajectories and a life course epidemiology framework. The study proposed an evolving framework that integrates genetic, phenotypical, and environmental factors that influence the natural history and clinical course of patients with CHD across the lifespan. (Journal of the American College of Cardiology)

Accurately assessing risk for preeclampsia

In a prospective longitudinal study, Dr. Stella Daskalopoulou and her team assessed vascular parameters in women with singleton high-risk pregnancies. Results demonstrate the potential clinical utility of two parameters, arterial stiffness and wave reflection, to be used together as an early screening tool for preeclampsia. This study may aid in development of appropriate clinical monitoring strategies and effective therapeutic interventions in high-risk pregnancies. (Metabolism)

Protective effect for heart failure events in patients hospitalized with COVID-19

Dr. Abhinav Sharma led the RAAS-COVID-19 trial to evaluate whether continuation versus discontinuation of renin-angiotensin aldosterone system inhibitors (RAASi) were associated with short-term clinical or biochemical outcomes in patients hospitalized with COVID-19. The researchers found that RAASi continuation in these patients appears safe, whereas discontinuation increased brain natriuretic peptide levels and may increase risk of acute heart failure. The trial concluded that, where possible, RAASi therapy should be continued. (American Heart Journal)

Drs. Ariane Marelli, Stella Daskalopoulou and Abhinav Sharma (L to R)
Drs. Ariane Marelli, Stella Daskalopoulou and Abhinav Sharma (L to R)

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