How the Jooay App helps families find inclusive play opportunities for children with disabilities and connects families to their communities
RI-MUHC researcher invited to provide expert testimony to the House of Commons regarding her project, the Montreal Antenatal Well-Being Study...
MUHC patients are the first enrolled in a new global Phase 1 clinical trial testing Actinium-225, a therapeutic agent used in nuclear precision medicine
Early career researcher Andréanne Lupien is part of a winning project in the 2024 McGill Innovation Fund competition
Canadian scientists demonstrate that cerebral palsy may be caused by both genetic and environmental factors...
Some Indigenous communities are too short-staffed to perform lifesaving procedures, McGill study finds
The Lancet Global Health highlights the launch of the dictionary created in part at the RI-MUHC.
An introduction to the Bioinformatics Platform workshops
The annual symposium for the Brain Repair and Integrative Neuroscience Program symposium expands to bring neuroscience to high school students
Mondays, 4 to 5 p.m. or Wednesdays, 3:30 to 4:30 p.m., twice per month
CORE Seminar Series Spring 2024
“Liver diseases affect one in three people in Canada,” says the RI-MUHC...
Karina Gasbarrino and Iulia Iatan received 2023 Trainee Research Awards
Nadine Kronfli and her team will systematically screen for sexually transmitted and blood borne infections...
An expert panel explored Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in research and healthcare
TOPIC: Neoadjuvant immuno-chemotherapy and de-escalated transoral robotic surgery for HPV related oropharyngeal cancer
An RI-MUHC investigator has been recognized for his research on sensitivity to pain from physical activity
Topic: Trials of Complex Interventions: What, Why, Where, and How
Join us in celebrating International Women's Day at an inspirational “Mentorshare” afternoon event where distinguished scientists will take us on...
The RI-MUHC: Together towards Inclusion
From defining death to communicating with families, Dr. Sam Shemie resets the priorities in his field
The symposium is a collaborative effort between Dr. Indra Gupta (RI-MUHC) and Dr. Soren Gantt (CHUSJ) and was planned specifically for researchers from the maternal and child health research...
Open Invitation to RI-MUHC Community: (Investigators, managers, staff, students and volunteers)
It is a pleasure to welcome the RI-MUHC Community to the first Open Forum of 2024...
A new network will advance research and care for thousands of people suffering from a rare or undiagnosed disease