null 34th Annual Doctor Dorothy Wiselberg Seminar

34th Annual Doctor Dorothy Wiselberg Seminar

A free, endowed conference in respiratory diseases in memory of Dr Dorothy Wiselberg. One of the first female physicians to work in the area of pulmonary diseases in Montreal, Dr. Wiselberg was based at the Montreal Chest Hospital - now the Montreal Chest Institute - where her work focused on tuberculosis.

Date: Friday, May 31, 2024

Time: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm (TBC)

Location: Drs Sylvia & Richard Cruess Amphitheatre, E.S1.1129, Glen site, RI-MUHC

HYBRID EVENT. For more information and to obtain a Zoom link, please contact Esther Tomkee:

To register, click here. Deadline to register is May 29, 2024, at 6:00 pm.

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Advances in our understanding of COPD

Chairs: Dr. Don Sin, Dr. Ronald Olivenstein

Dr. Don Sin, University of British Columbia
“Getting to know the many faces of COPD: A contemporary overview”

Dr. Benjamin Smith, McGill University
“Risk factors for COPD related to lung development”

Dr. Dany Doiron, CanCOLD
“Climate crisis and impact on COPD”

Filling in COPD knowledge gaps: From basic research to applied technologies

Chairs: Dr. Ron Dandurand, Dr. Benjamin Smith

Dr. Carolyn Baglole, McGill University
“Modeling preclinical exposures for cigarettes, vaping, and cannabis to assess disease risk”

New biomarkers and mild COPD

Dr. Miranda Kirby, University of Toronto
“Novel imaging techniques and biomarkers in COPD”

Dr. Alberto Neder, Queen’s University
““Wasted" ventilation: New insights into a forgotten cause of dyspnea in mild COPD”

Dr. Peter Calverley, University of Liverpool
“Oscillometry: Old physiology with a bright future”

2024 Wiselberg Lecture
Chair: Dr. Basil Petrof

Dr. Ian Pavord, University of Oxford
“Moving from down-stream firefighters to fire alarms in obstructive airway disease”

Translating new evidence into practice

Chairs: Dr. Bryan Ross, Dr. Shawn Aaron

Dr. Shawn Aaron, University of Ottawa
“Early diagnosis of previously undiagnosed COPD”

COPD Cohorts: New insights for clinical application

Dr. Graham Barr, Columbia University

Dr. Jean Bourbeau, McGill University

The future of COPD treatment beyond pharmacotherapy

Chairs: Dr. Jean Bourbeau, Dr. Tania Janaudis-Ferreira

Dr. Girard Criner, Temple University
“Interventional therapies”

Dr. Martijn A Spruit, University of Maastricht
“Pulmonary Rehabilitation for COPD: Current highlights in practice and research trends”

Dr. Francois Maltais, Université Laval
“The myth of oxygen therapy in COPD”

Dr. Bryan Ross, McGill University
“Tele medicine in COPD and remote patient monitoring”