null Benoît De Varennes, MD, MSc

Associate Investigator, RI-MUHC, Glen site

Cardiovascular Health Across the Lifespan Program

Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, McGill University

Department of Surgery, Division of Adult Cardiac Surgery, MUHC


Research Focus

My research focuses on cardiac surgery and outcome analysis with special interest in valvular surgery.

Selected Publications

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  • Piazza N, Martucci G, Lachapelle K, de Varennes B, Bilodeau L, Buithieu J, Mylotte D. Innovations/Novel Technologies : First-in-Human Experience with the Medtronic CoreValve Evolut R. EuroIntervention 2013; 9-online publication ahead

  • Gaspard F, Brassard P, Alam T, Robineau C, Pagé C, Dell'Aniello S, de Varennes B. Impact of an Antimicrobial Dressing in Reducing Surgical Site Infections in Cardiac Surgery Patients. Wounds 2013; 25(7): 178-185.

  • Wai Sang SL, Chaturvedi R, Alam A, Samoukovic G, de Varennes B, Lachapelle K. Preoperative Lenght of stay as a modifiable Risk factor for Mediastinitis After Cardiac Surgery. J CardioThor Surg 2013; 8(45): Open Access.

  • Leung Wai San S, Samoukovic G, Buithieu J, de Varennes B. Falsely Elevated Valve Gradients by Echocardiography in the 3f Bioprosthesis. Ann Thorac Surg 2013; 96: 313-7

  •    Potter BJ, de Varennes B, Doucette S, Fergusson D, Magder S. Cardiac output responses in a flow-driven protocol of resuscitation following cardiac surgery. J Crit Care 2013; 28(3): 265-9.