null Centre for Health Outcomes Research (CORE) Update

After two years of discussions and negotiations with both the MUHC and the Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux (MSSS), CORE researchers and their staff and students at the RI-MUHC have secured sufficient space to conduct their research. About 75% of that space will be adjacent to the new MUHC Glen site, at 5252 de Maisonneuve Boulevard West, with the remainder to be located in the R Building of the Montreal General Hospital. Architectural plans have now been finalized for the 5252 site and renovations should begin this fall, with the move to that site planned for early 2016. The MGH site should be ready for occupancy shortly thereafter.

Because the Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH), Montreal Children's Hospital (MCH) and Montreal Chest Institute (MCI) sites had to be vacated between April and June, most CORE investigators working at those sites had to move to temporary quarters.  Several at the RVH and all at the MCI have been relocated to parts of the RVH that will remain open until the space at 5252 is ready for occupancy. CORE researchers working at the RVH V Building or Ross 4 will be able to stay where they have been until they move to 5252 or the MGH. Those at the MCH were relocated to 4018 Ste-Catherine Street West, with many of their staff remaining at Place Toulon (4060 Ste-Catherine Street West) until they move to 5252.

Needless to say, these moves have incurred some disruptions, especially for clinician-investigators who are required to go back and forth to the Glen site for their clinical duties. For the most part, however, investigators, staff and students have shown remarkable patience with these challenges.  We are all looking forward to our more permanent moves next winter, the new opportunities for collaboration that proximity is expected to bring, and (particularly) the prospect of thinking more about science than about mail, hot water and janitorial services!


--Newsletter Summer 2015