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angle-left Centre for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE) - GUEST Seminar (November 12, 2019)
Dr. Catherine Régis
Dr. Catherine Régis

Where: 5252 Boulevard de Maisonneuve West, 3rd Floor (3B kitchen)

When: Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at noon

Presenter: Dr. Catherine Régis
Full Professor, Faculty of Law
University of Montreal
Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy

The Montreal Declaration for Responsible AI: Co-Constructing the Future

Professor Régis will present the Montreal declaration for responsible AI and how it can contribute to shape the future of AI in health care. She will insist on the unique co-creation process that the declaration is built on and how it can serve as a guide for future legal developments in health care.

Information: CORE 514-934-1934 ext. 48292 or

The presentation will be delivered in English.