null Jason Shahin, MD

Investigator, RI-MUHC, 5252 de Maisonneuve site

Translational Research in Respiratory Diseases Program

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, McGill University

Department of Medicine, Division of Respiratory Medicine, MUHC



critical care • prediction tool • chronic critically ill • organ donor • prolonged mechanical ventilation

Research Focus

My research focuses on risk prediction in the intensive care unit (ICU). I am specifically looking at prediction tools for complex populations in the ICU, including the chronic critically ill and the potential organ donor.

Selected Publications

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  • Predicting time to death after withdrawal of life-sustaining therapy. Munshi L, Dhanani S, Shemie SD, Hornby L, Gore G, Shahin J. Intensive Care Med. 2015 Jun;41(6):1014-28. doi: 10.1007/s00134-015-3762-9. Epub 2015 May 6. PMID: 25944573.

  • Is the volume of mechanically ventilated admissions to UK critical care units associated with improved outcomes? Shahin J, Harrison DA, Rowan KM. Intensive Care Med. 2014 Mar;40(3):353-60. doi: 10.1007/s00134-013-3205-4. Epub 2014 Feb 7. PMID: 24504638.

  • Suspected ventilator-associated respiratory infection in severely ill patients: a prospective observational study. Shahin J, Bielinski M, Guichon C, Flemming C, Kristof AS. Crit Care. 2013 Oct 22;17(5):R251. doi: 10.1186/cc13077. PMID: 24148702.

  • Relation between volume and outcome for patients with severe sepsis in United Kingdom: retrospective cohort study. Shahin J, Harrison DA, Rowan KM. BMJ. 2012 May 29;344:e3394. doi: 10.1136/bmj.e3394. PMID: 22645208.

  • The relationship between inotrope exposure, six-hour postoperative physiological variables, hospital mortality and renal dysfunction in patients undergoing cardiac surgery. Shahin J, DeVarennes B, Tse CW, Amarica DA, Dial S.Crit Care. 2011 Jul 7;15(4):R162. doi: 10.1186/cc10302. PMID: 21736726.