null Marcelo Cantarovich, MD

Investigator, RI-MUHC, Glen site

Infectious Diseases and Immunity in Global Health Program

Professor, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, McGill University

Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology, MUHC



multi-organ transplant

Research Focus

My research focuses on clinical transplantation, multi-organ transplantation, immunopharmacology and renal protection strategies.

Selected Publications

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  • Canadian Forum on Combined Organ Transplantation. M. Cantarovich, T. Blydt-Hansen, J. Gill, et al. Transplantation (provisionally accepted for publication).

  • Kidney function before pancreas transplant alone predicts subsequent risk of end-stage renal disease. Kim SJ, Smail N, Paraskevas S, Schiff J, Cantarovich M. Transplantation. 2014 Mar 27;97(6):675-80. PMID: 24637866.

  • Impact of early graft function on 10-year graft survival in recipients of kidneys from standard- or expanded-criteria donors. Smail N, Tchervenkov J, Paraskevas S, Baran D, Mucsi I, Hassanain M, Chaudhury P, Cantarovich M. Transplantation. 2013 Jul 27;96(2):176-81. PMID: 23765113.

  • Anti-CD25 monoclonal antibody replacement therapy for chronic kidney disease in liver transplant recipients. Walsh C, Barkun J, Tchervenkov J, Deschenes M, Ghali P, Wong P, Chaudhury P, Paraskevas S, Metrakos P, Cantarovich M. Transplantation. 2013 Feb 15;95(3):495-500. PMID: 23296149.

  • Early changes in kidney function predict long-term chronic kidney disease and mortality in patients after liver transplantation. Cantarovich M, Tchervenkov J, Paraskevas S, Ghali P, Wong P, Deschênes M, Chaudhury P, Hassanain M, Vrochides D, Metrakos P, Barkun J. Transplantation. 2011 Dec 27;92(12):1358-63. PMID: 22067311.