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angle-left Research team receives $6M to find new ways to treat metastatic breast cancer

RI-MUHC researcher Peter Siegel is co-leader

July 4, 2019

Source: MedE-News and Terry Fox Research Institute. A team co-led by Peter Siegel, PhD, at the Goodman Cancer Research Centre at McGill University and Research Institute of the McGill Univeristy Health Centre, and Julie St-Pierre, PhD, at the University of Ottawa will receive $6 million in new funding for six years from the Terry Fox Research Institute and the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, to find new ways to reduce metastatic and treatment-resistant disease in women with breast cancer. The project is one of only two in Canada awarded funding through this initiative. Read the full story here.

Julie St-Pierre, PhD, of the University of Ottawa, and Peter Siegel, PhD, of the Research Institute of the MUHC and Goodman Cancer Research Centre, McGill University