Research Data Management Strategy, RI-MUHC

By March 2023, the Tri-Agency Research Data Management (RDM) Policy is requiring each post-secondary institution and research hospital that are eligible to administer Tri-Agency funds to create and publicly post an institutional RDM strategy. Led by the Office of the Vice-Principal Research and Innovation, an RDM Strategy Working Group, advised by an RDM Strategy Advisory Group of faculty members, was formed to write McGill's institutional RDM strategy.

Throughout the 2022 academic year, the DRS Team held information sessions for public consultation on the draft Institutional RDM Strategy. All faculty, staff and students from the McGill research community were invited to read the RDM strategy draft, participate in the information sessions, and provide feedback. In October 2022, the public consultation period culminated with a series of townhall sessions.

The McGill RDM Strategy is available here

As a hospital-based McGill-affiliated institute, the RI-MUHC has adopted the key elements of McGill University RDM Strategy. Our researchers draw on the tools and guidance available through the McGill Digital Research Services Hub (DRS), created in 2021 as a joint effort from the office of the Vice-Principal - Research and Innovation, the McGill Library and IT Services. The DRS currently offers a broad array of support and guidance services. In addition, based at the Centre for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE) of the RI-MUHC, we have launched the Capture and Optimization of Research Data (CORD) unit and have a fully operational Biostatistical Consulting Unit (BCU). These units form core components of our local execution at the RI-MUHC of the broader McGill University RDM strategy.

The RI-MUHC RDM Strategy is available here

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