The BD FACSAria Fusion is a high-speed sorter with a fixed-alignment cuvette flow cell housed in a biosafety cabinet. This flexible cytometer provides superior performance in high-speed cell...
BD LSR Fortessa X-20
BD LSR Fortessa
Proteomics and Molecular Analysis
Identification and quantification of proteins and other biomolecules using advanced mass spectrometry methods and discovery of novel drug...
Interim Director Dr. Peter McPherson   Manager Lorne Taylor Staff Amy Wong, M.Sc. Martine Girard, PhD 514-934-1934 ext. 76402 Office: E 01.5054
Agilent Cary 5000 UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer
Jasco circular dichroism spectrometer
Elementar Carbon-Hydrogen-Nitrogen (CHN) elemental microanalyser
D8 Quest System X-Ray crystallographic instrument
UltrafleXtreme MALDI-TOF/TOF
Bruker AmaZon SL mass spectrometer
Bruker EVOQ Triple Quadrupole mass spectrometer
Bruker Ascend NMR 400 MHz
Bruker hyphenated LC-NMR (600 MHz)-MS instrument
Access to the Histopathology Platform is managed via the web-based iLab Solution's Core Facility Management software....
Tissue processing and embedding Leica ASP300S tissue processor Leica EG1150 paraffin embedding station OCT embedding for frozen tissues   Tissue...
Director Dr. Bertrand Jean-Claude   Manager Sanjoy Kumar Das, PhD Staff Anne-Laure Larroque, PhD Andrée Gravel, PhD Nidia Lauzon, PhD 514-934-1934 ext....
Director Dr. Carolyn Baglole   Manager Fazila Chouiali, M.Sc. 514-934-1934 ext. 76221 Office: E 01.3082
The School of Physical and Occupational Therapy at McGill University is proudly hosting its 1st National Knowledge Translation...
Presented by: The Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Research Centre
Nathalie A. Johnson, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Russell Jones, PhD
Daniel Sinnett, PhD