Topic: Brown adipose tissue: its relevance for human physiology and health
Topic: The Role of the Adiponectin and Adiponectin Receptor Pathway in Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaque Instability
Longitudinal Natural History Study of Patients with Peroxisomal Biogenesis DisordersThe Longitudinal Natural History Study of Patients with...
The society brings minimal access surgery, endoscopy and emerging techniques to patients worldwide
Together we have the means to leverage discoveries that improve the health of patients across their lifespan
Topic: Building up Research ethics: Innovation, Quality, Access and Challenges
Topic: Online Health Promotion During the Pandemic: How Can We Engage Canadians?
The RI-MUHC in numbers: 2019-2020
We are proud of our researchers’ success in funding competitions and grateful to the wide range of organizations, including many not named here, whose support totalled $206 million this year...
The RI-MUHC and McGill University form a hub to integrate microbiome research activities
The Desjardins Centre for Advanced Training helps demystify career paths for life scientists
Bartha Maria Knoppers to co-lead work package on ethics and interoperability
Topic: T cell responses in the TB granuloma
Awards and recognition
Topic: Obesity – from genes to behavior
Topic: Assessment of design operating characteristics in Bayesian adaptive trials
Topic: Qualitative research with health Innovations: Innovation dynamics
Precision screening tool for early diagnosis of ovarian and endometrial cancers developed through innovative partnerships...
Topic: Introducing the McGill Digital Research Services Hub
What is our new generation of researchers achieving today?
Research InitiativesResearchers in the Cancer Research Program are involved in a multitude of research initiatives, including:The Women's...
Speakers: Ali Mehdi, PhD Graduate Student and Takeshi Shimoide, Post-Doctoral Fellow
Topic: Age Matters: The significance of the “When” of Obesity Development
YOUR SUPPORT MADE SO MUCH POSSIBLE THIS YEAR! McGill University Health Centre Foundation The Montreal General Hospital Foundation ...