RI-MUHC researcher promotes musculoskeletal health for Canadians
Dr. Gilbert's work on testing varian and endometrial cancers early is saving countless lives
Dr. Sam Shemie leads the death prediction and physiology after removal of therapy study (DePPaRT study)
Drs. Emily McDonald and Todd C. Lee are part of the Canadian Network of COVID-19 Clinical Trials Networks...
Speakers: Karen Carvalho, PhD Student and Mack Michell-Robinson, Md-PhD candidate
Speaker: Dr. John Greally (Albert Einstein College)
Speaker: Karina Paliotti, Msc Student and Belal Howidi, Msc Student
Speakers: Nadim Tawil, PhD Student and Yan Luan, PhD Student
Speaker: Dr. Brett Stephen Burstein (McGill)
Research by postdoc Hosni Cherif and Dr. Inés Colmegna makes Arthritis Society’s Top 10 breakthroughs
Speakers: Haoyu Liao, Msc Student and Emily Wheeler, Msc Student
Speaker: Dr. Blanton Tolbert (Case Western Reserve University)
Our best hope of charting a course to a post-pandemic world
Speakers: Edrian Bumanlag, Msc Student and Reem Marsarwa, Post-Doc
Explore news and events at the RI-MUHC
Explore news and events at the RI-MUHC
Explore news and events at the RI-MUHC
Explore news and events at the RI-MUHC
Speakers: Lingxiao Chen, PhD Student and Pariya Azarafsha, Msc Student
Speaker: Dr. Marco Simoes-Costa (Cornell)
Speakers: Catherine Argyriou, Post-Doc and Kaitlyn Easson, PhD Student
Topic: Scaling Patient-Centered Surgical Wound Triage: Improving the Post-Discharge Care Experience after Surgery with Telehealth
Topic: Bioactive Injectable Therapies for Intervertebral Disc Degeneration and Low Back Pain