William Foulkes awarded 2020 Wilder Penfield Prize for research in the genetics of breast and ovarian cancer ...
Topic: The Mismanagement of Suspected TB Patients in India’s Private Sector: A standardized patient study on quality of care
Please join us in expressing our condolences to the family of our dear friend and colleague Dr. Beverley Murphy, Professor Emeritus in the Department of...
Topic: Career building and Patient Engagement
Theme: Researchers and clinicians dedicated to improving skin health
Research Programs
Topic: Tuberculosis: What have we learned from cows lately?
Topic: A colorful solution to 'breathing' through a biofilm: implications for P. aeruginosa biofilm treatment
Topics: Contracts - what to do, where to go and Partnering with the RI-MUHC Contracts Office (CO)
Work in Progress, Speakers: Claire Lawson BSc, MSc Candidate and Sonja Soo, PhD Graduate Student
Topic: A common Pax2 gene variant that reduces congenital nephro number in neonates and accelerates diabetic nephropathy in adults
Topic: Maternal programming of feeding circuits by high fat diet in neonatal rat offspring
Topic: NF-kB Signaling and Skeletal Muscle Wasting in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases
A new study finds that not only can stem cells be targeted for protective vaccination, but they can also ...
Topic: “The fountain of youth: Role of Hippo signalling and fetal reprogramming in tissue regeneration"
Topic: “It takes a team: Mesenchymal Stromal Cells from a tube to a patient”