Explore news and events at the RI-MUHC
Explore news and events at the RI-MUHC
Topic: WIP, Speaker: Neil Recio
A study led by Dr. Nathaniel Bourganim tracked changes in treatment plans
Topic: Impact of genomic medicine on the discovery and development of innovative therapeutics
RI-MUHC researchers lead “real-world” analysis of treatment patterns with checkpoint inhibitors
Topic: Addressing Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Women: A One-Fits-All Approach?
RI-MUHC researchers initiate a clinical trial of ciclesonide to possibly prevent mild cases of COVID-19 from worsening
Honours and awards published August 2020 – July 2021
Recognition for high-level achievement in research into pulmonary infectious diseases
Topic: Work in Progress
Topic: Clinical Cases, Speaker: Dr. William Foulkes
Topic: Challenges with Analyzing Complex Outcomes: The Story of Successful Aging in People Living with HIV
Presenter: Nancy E. Mayo, PhD
Research InitiativesResearchers in the RESP program are involved in a multitude of research initiatives, including:The Meakins-Christie...
Studies have yet to prove this link, say Carleton and McGill University epidemiologists
Canada Research Continuity Emergency Fund (CRCEF)What is the Canada Research Continuity Emergency Fund (CRCEF)?On May 15, 2020, the...
Topic: Learning and transfer: Lessons from action video games 
Topic: The Split Personality of Glutamate Transporters: a Chloride Channel and a Transporter
Topic: Ependymal cell alterations during inflammation and disease
Topic: Neuromodulation of Hebbian plasticity in the hippocampus
Topic: Visual perception, attention and eye-movements: neural mechanisms and potential clinical applications
Topic: Raphe modulation of ventral hippocampal rhythms and function
Topic: The central serotonin2B receptor & dopamine ascending pathways: new opportunities for treating schizophrenia
Topic: Learning in neural circuits: insights from an electric fish