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Keynote speakers: Dr. John Dick, Dr. Alexander Gregorieff and Me. Erika Kleiderman
Keynote lecture
Obesity: From Cell to Body
Sylvia Santosa, PhD
RI-MUHC researcher Dr. Giada Sebastiani is lead author of study published in the journal AIDS
Pioneering programs that make patients stronger prior to surgery
The Jansen Award recognizes unselfish service and leadership
Pediatric rehabilitation clinical research at the MUHC RI: from CORE to CIM and back
Presenter: Isabelle Gagnon, PT PhD
Open source app helps predict brain tumour malignancy and patient survival
Two inter-institutional teams start research projects to address rare immune diseases and antibiotic overuse
RI-MUHC researcher participated in the groundbreaking study published in Nature
Innovation 2020 - 4th Annual Research Retreat for members of the Injury, Repair, Recovery Program
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Ependymal cell alterations during inflammation and disease
Invited speaker: Dr. Jo Anne Stratton
Raphe modulation of ventral hippocampal rhythms and function
Invited speaker: Dr. Bénédicte Amilhon
Invited speakers: Dr. Catherina G. Becker and Dr. Thomas Becker
The connected brain
Invited speaker: Dr. Bratistav Missic
Head orientation and spatial navigation in C. elegans
Invited speaker: Dr. Michael Hendricks
Immunopathogenesis of particulate air pollution in the lung
Speaker: Dr. Stephane Lajoie