Christina Wolfson is co-principal investigator on a new national study
Results of the daring challenge to design a low-cost, easy-to-reproduce ventilator in two weeks
Researchers, advocates and patients gather on Rare Disease Research Day at the RI-MUHC
Novel robotics technology could potentially reduce healthcare-associated infections
RI-MUHC researchers on international team that produced the blueprint
In March, given the magnitude of the COVID-19 crisis, the Code Life Ventilator Challenge was created.
Injury Repair Recovery Program trainees on top three surgical innovation teams in 2020
Study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine
New publication links neutrophil infiltration in the lungs of patients to COVID-19 symptoms
RI-MUHC researchers awarded MUHC Foundation funding for projects with potential impact in a short timeframe
RI-MUHC researchers take leading roles in the initiative
Research Institute of the MUHC Focused on COVID-19 Priorities
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