The IDIGH Research Day is a trainee-led initiative hosted at the RI-MUHC that brings an audience of 150 IDIGH scientists, clinicians, post-doctoral fellows and...
Why the sperm centrioles have an atypical structure and composition?
Invited Speaker: TOMER AVIDOR-REISS, PhD
Single-cell RNA-reveals the complexity and heterogeneity of infection processes
Speaker: Dr. Antoine-Emmanuel Saliba
Becoming an adult is not easy, but dealing with type 1 diabetes adds another layer of...
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Obesity and cancer: How can we break the link?
Speaker: Rachel J. Perry, PhD
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Developing the tools for the personalized medicine revolution: Using mass spectrometry for longitudinal molecular profiling
Speaker: Dr. Hannes Röst
Heart Maturation at Single Cell Resolution: Lessons Learned from Human and Mouse Models
Clinical research educational training program benefits researchers, staff and students at the inaugural event
Molecular tool box to tackle leishmaniasis
Speaker: Rubens do Monte, MSc, DSc
Explore the future of health care technology at CAE Day at the MUHC, brought to you by the Fondation CUSM - MUHC Foundation
New insight in the physico-chemical and osteoinductive properties of undoped and doped b-tricalcium phosphat
Speaker: Prof. Marc Bohner, MSc, PhD
“With science under attack, scientists have little choice but to step into the limelight and fight for what matters most” – Dr. Madhukar Pai
Regulatory T cells in HIV infection: The wearer of many hats
Speaker: Mohammad-Ali Jenabian DVM, PhD
Age-related changes in the microbiome and susceptibility to pneumonia
Speaker: Dr. Dawn Bowdish
From the laboratory to the bedside
Speaker: Sarkis H. Meterissian, MD