“With science under attack, scientists have little choice but to step into the limelight and fight for what matters most” – Dr. Madhukar Pai
Regulatory T cells in HIV infection: The wearer of many hats
Speaker: Mohammad-Ali Jenabian DVM, PhD
Age-related changes in the microbiome and susceptibility to pneumonia
Speaker: Dr. Dawn Bowdish
From the laboratory to the bedside
Speaker: Sarkis H. Meterissian, MD
Cancer Epigenetics From Therapy to Early Detection
Speaker: Daniel D. De Carvalho, PhD
Enabling whole genome analyses and beyond
Speaker: Ioannis Vlachos, PhD
Improving the therapeutic ratio through alternative fractionation
Speaker: David Brenner, PhD, DSc
“Tips for research” will help purchase cutting-edge equipment for the new Surgical Innovation Platform
Sonic Hedgehog signaling in brain tumor initiation and progression
Speaker: Frederic Charron, PhD
The importance of clinical trials in oncology
Speaker: Luis Souhami, MD, FASTRO
Theresa Gyorkos has dedicated her career to understanding and reducing the harms caused by parasitic worm infection
The RI-MUHC in numbers: 2022-2023 
Researchers – RI-MUHC
Analysis and modeling of single-cell genomics data to drive biomedical discovery and innovation
Speaker: Dr. Jun Ding
Co-organized by the Business Development Office of the RI-MUHC and Roche
An RI-MUHC research team is working to extend lives of patients with an incurable cancer
The Department of Family Medicine invite you to a short film screening on January 23rd, 6-8pm at the McIntyre.
The MUHC and RI-MUHC welcome an addition to their world-class clinical and research teams
Dr. Sabrina Hoa’s publication listed in “Top 10 Research Advances of 2019”
The road towards fully automated closed loop therapy in type 1 diabetes, the McGill artificial pancreas program (MAP)
Presenter: Laurent Legault, MD
The Future of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: From Regrettable Substitution to Responsible Replacement?
Invited Speaker: BARBARA F. HALES, PhD